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Meet Audrey

  • Started her Mary Kay career in February 1993.
  • Debuted as a Car Driver one year later and a Sales Director in August 1995.
  • Quit her full-time job in Corporate America one year after joining to pursue becoming a Director.
  • Has earned 11 cars … 8 being Pink Cadillac’s
  • She has earned the Highest Award in Mary Kay as a Go-Give Winner for July 2016
  • Her first & second year of business she was the Queen of her Unit in Sales and Team Building
  • Her Team has achieved Unit Circles of Excellence: $300,000 {4x}, $500,000 {2x}, $550,000 (ZX), $650,000 {Ix}, $700,000 {2x}, $800,000 {4x}, and $1,000,000 (Ix).
  • She was the #11 Team Nationwide in 2007
  • Her team has ranked #1 in the State of Virginia 2005, 2006 and 2016 and TOP 10 in their Division 5 times
  • She has completed the Queens Court of Sharing four times and ranked #17 in Her Division
  • She has completed the Queens Court of Sales 15 times and ranked #7 in Her Division
  • She was voted the Diamond Division Company Ms. Go Give in July 2016, the Piro National Area Ms. Go Give in 2002
  • Her team has been #1 in the Dunn National Area for 10 consecutive years
  • She was featured in the Company Training Video “Making the Connection” in 2008
  • She was featured on the Company Training MK Incite Series CD on “Developing People” in 2012
  • She was featured in the Applause Magazine in 2008 and 2013
  • She was the Rookie Director of the Year in 1997 and Most Improved Director in 2001 in Karen Piro Area
  • She was the #1 Director in the state of Virginia in 2005 & 2007
  • She is the most proud of her husband, Todd (married in 1990} and their three children, Michael (born 1996} and twin daughters Megan and Kristin (born 1997). She is very thankful that she was able to leave Corporate America to experience the flexibility that owning a Mary Kay business provides. Her life has changed dramatically because she has grown so much personally and she has been able to be the kind of mom she dreamed of! The most rewarding part of her business is the privilege of mentoring women and helping them become successful.